Autumn Trade Tasting (London & Manchester) Dates Announced

Drinking Outside the Box | Monday 23rd September, 10am - 6pm, The Hellenic Centre | London

Following on from last year's (dare we say successful) Autumn tasting, Restyling Wine - where we rewrote the tasting rulebook, exhibiting wines stylisitically, rather than with a convential tilt toward geography or price-point - we are delighted to annouce we are returning to the Hellenic Centre on Monday 23rd September with our sights set on another similarly unconventional natural wine tasting.

This year with Drinking Outside the Box, new agencies, vintages new and old, wines by terroir, grape, and style, bang-for-buck wines and wines in KeyKeg will all share the floor!

If you're interested in attending, register your interest with us by emailing the PR & Events Team


Les Caves Goes North | Monday 30th September, 10am - 6pm, The Castlefield Rooms | Manchester

A tasting very much in the guise of Drinking Outside the Box - just at a slightly more northerthly longitude - will take place in Manchester in the Bridley Room, The Castlefield Rooms.

If you'd like to attend, please email us - here - to let us know of your attendance.

For more information on the wines that we will be pouring, contact us directly:

[email protected] | 01483 554750

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