We’re on the Case!

While our little shop in Pew Corner may be closed for walk-ins, that doesn’t mean a dismal wine-free horizon for our wonderful customers. Never!

The shop team have been moving mountains to ensure you can still get hold of your favourite tipples. Online you’ll find hundreds of bottles to browse and buy. What’s more we are extending a trade discount to all, with free delivery to your door on orders over £150.

Suffice to say, we’re on the case, because for many (well, for us at least) – wine is essential!

With so much to think about at the moment, perhaps the last thing you want is to have to browse through is hundreds of bottles. Normally you’d just go to the shop and Danny or Stu would point you toward a preferable potation. Fear not, we are on the case. Literally! With no less than eight mixed cases packed with wines tailored to hit the spot!

If you’re a rosé drinker and the only colour wine should come in is pink – we’ve got it covered.

If you’re after the Old Faithful or, Les Classiques, as our gallic neighbours might say – how about this?

We’ve got the funky stuff sorted too with our Wild Bunch case, while oak-free fruit driven wines can be found here. If organic is what you’re after, we’ve even got a great value, organically certified case, which is certifiably tasty!

Perhaps now is the perfect time for experimentation. You’ve been cooking up weird and wonderful dishes at home, so why not test your taste buds further with some wines you’ve never tried? Join the Amber Revolution with a mixed case of orange wines

Ok, so maybe you aren’t after challenging. You want some bottles which will go further. While we don’t advocate quantity over quality, if you can get both, we say all the better! In which case we’d advise our More (per bottle) case, a case of litre format wines.

A litre is too much, you can see a bottle being opened and half of it being wasted. But you’re still after stonkingly good value wines. So, stick to 75cl and keep things simple with our Corona Virus Survival Kit.

Hmmmm. That all sounds great, but...

I want to mix and match, nothing too dear mind. Browse Punching Wines, a list of wines which punch above their weights and all weigh in at less than £12.

I’m vegan. Well why didn’t you say so, we’ve got a list of vegan friendly wines too!

It’s just me, I certainly won’t be needing a whole case. Ok, if you’re sure (wine lasts a fair old while, it won’t turn like milk). In which case (no, I said I didn’t want a case) have you looked at our list of Spring Wines?

So much of what the shop do is about talking you through the wines we have, in order to help you find something that you’ll really enjoy. Sadly, at the moment this just isn’t practicable. So please see the above as our remote suggestions, a virtual guide round our shop, a chitter-chatter on our favourite topic, wine!

Everyone at the present time is trying to adapt, to keep some semblance of normality. Likewise, we’re aiming for as close to business-as-usual as possible. As you can see, we’re on the case!

From everyone at Les Caves de Pyrène we extend our best wishes during these challenging times.


Stay safe, drink wine!

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