Bubbledogs, a champagne bar situated in the heart of Fitzrovia, is the brainchild of former sommelier, Sandia Chang, who wants to promote small artisan champagne producers in a relaxed, unfussy environment. She took the idea that champagne is best enjoyed with charcuterie, cheese and French fries and applied it to hot dogs, hence Bubbledogs!

The interior is rustic with exposed brick, wood/metal/steel accents and rusted panels, creating a cosy cabin-like feel. Low hanging lighting adds to the intimate atmosphere with cartoon-style dog art on the walls keeping the light-hearted feel.  In the background are the sounds of old school hip-hop and hits of the 80s and 90s.

The ‘dog menu provides ten gourmet versions with a choice of three sausages (pork, beef or vegetarian). Each option can be made with any of the three sausages and extra toppings, offering numerous weird and wonderful combinations. One of the classics is the BLT dog which is served with crispy bacon, truffle mayonnaise and caramelized lettuce, another is the Mexican-style dog with fresh salsa, avocado, sour cream and jalapenos. The menu also includes a selection of American sides such as fries and nachos.

Sandia has put together a brilliant list of around sixty bins with five fizzers by the glass and has divided the selection into pithy categories such as So Fresh and So Clean Clean; A Touch of Spice; Flowers and Field; Toasty and Nutty Delights; Age Matters and so forth. There is a Bubbledogs label champagne and a style for every palate. Prices are incredibly reasonable.

Bubbledogs also participates in Grower Champagne Month with a series of bubble-filled events. Some of the region’s best grower producers take over the Bubbledogs menu and unique hot dogs are served using the best French produce.

Producers we love: Marie Courtin; Jacques Lassaigne, Bérèche, Val Frison, Jerome Prévost, Ulysse Colin

Look out for the lesser-spotted: Rare cuvées of David Leclepart and Cedric Bouchard.

We really like: The web site which matches champagne to your mood, your choice of food, your personality or your favourite James Bond!

Do: Take advantage of The Bubble Shop including a curated collection of the finest grower champagnes  

Key wine person: Sandia Chang

70 Charlotte Street | London W1T 4QG