News of new New World wines in the pipeline (or on the boat)

Just because we have stopped buying doesn’t mean that we have stopped buying! Boats are still being loaded, others have set sail through the tropics, freighted with new and wondrous wine bounty.

Let’s begin with a little argy-bargy action, namely news of wines from two new projects. One is a bodega called Miras, located in Patagonia. Of course, you have to have a Malbec, but you can also have a Trousseau! All the wines here are joven in style. On the crazier side of crazy, we are also receiving a trio of defiantly nat wine from Pol Opuesto including a Criolla Grande and a Carbonet Franc (geddit?). Aussie palate-whetters include some new and groovies from Pat Sullivan (skin contact whites, reds and the odd in-between); Castagna (Aussie Savagnin rules), Dane Johns a.k.a Momento Mori including his Nosiola and “The Incline Syrah”, and Sam Vinciullo, whose joyous Margaret River wines are receiving mucho acclaim. And from the US of A our Kelley (Fox) will be furnishing us with her amphora-fermented skin-contact Pinot Gris and a Pinot Blanc, whilst Scott Frank is ramping up the Loire amps with his Air Guitar (think Anjou-Villages rouge) and a Sauvignon inspired by Alex Bain’s Pouilly-Fumés.

Images of Sam Vinciullo courtesy of Hesh Hipp for The Real Wine Fair 2017.

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