Staff Picks: What We Tried This Week!

Metic Merlot, 2019

Grape(s): 100% Merlot

Will's well and truly won over: Soft, fruity Merlot from Colchagua with nice touches of stemmy/herbal characters.  This metics all the boxes for an entry Chilean wine and it offers great VFM.

Continental Platter Semillon, 2019

Grape(s): 100% Semillon

Elliott, enlighten us: Plenty of zip and vim about this one. Great acidity and lip-smackingly refreshing, there's citrus in spades and some hints of  peach poking through here and there. Slip an extra shrimp on the barbie or griddle-pan (al fresco dining is perhaps ill-advised at present) for this unoaked, eminently aperitif-able Aussie Sem!

Chevalerie Bourgueil Diptyque, 2017

Grape(s): 100% Cabernet Franc

Emma's in ecstasy: Domaine  de la Chevalerie  is a fmaily run producer with a long history in The Loire, dating back to 1640 Their selection these days is comprised of of beautiful organic & biodynamic Cabernet Francs. The Diptyque opens with inviting aromas of ripe cherry, raspberry and tobacco. Approchable tannins and bright acidity make for a versatile food wine (at a bargain price). Feel free to chill this slightly and sip with charcuterie.

Ronco delle Betulle Cabernet Franc, 2016

Grape(s):  100% Cabernet Franc

Joshua, just judge the juice: A little bit oaky, a little bit peppery, a little bit herbal, a little bit vegetal. Lots of little bits adding up to an easy going, juicy, concentrated bottle of something akin to a liquid blackcurrant and liquorice sweet. Don’t overthink this one. Slow cook a shoulder of lamb on a Sunday afternoon and get this knocked back while it’s doing its thing in the oven (save some to sip alongside).


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