Report from the Roussillon - 2008 early impressions

The yield for us was higher than the previous years, 19 hectolitres per hectare instead of 12hl/ha in 2007 or 15hl/ha in 2006.
The quality of the crop was perfect with an average maturity of 1degree less than nomal. The fermentations ended without any problem, the malolactics are over, and the wine is now resting.

The first retro-impression of the vintage was the lack of warmth; the wines will have just fruit but no background (or backbone). We will settle for it!

In the vineyard, the mildew arrived really quickly and those who were “relaxed” with their first treatment (I’m talking about organic farming ) have been running after the fungus the all season without ever getting a handle on it. Having already been alerted to this scenario in 2007, we have been particularly careful since the beginning and miraculously we survived!! The other concern and, for me the most important, was the lack of sun and warmth during the summer. The result was dark grapes with a low alcoholic potential (average 12.5 - 13.5 as opposed to 14 for a normal year). In the cellar it was important to handle the grapes as little as possible in order to maintain a balance between tannin and fruit.

In brief - a vintage for tireless vine-grower and the lazy winemaker!

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