Please find below a list of grape varieties with descriptive histories and examples. We don't carry some of the more of arcane ones, but we do have plenty of obscure and recondite things to provide "a perfect nonplus and baffle to all human understanding" (Robert Southey). Click on the variety for further information.

Grape Varieties

Click the names below for a full listing:

A   Aglianico to Avesso   (20)
B   Barbera to Brunello   (14)
C   Cabernet to Crljenak Kaštelanski   (34)
D   Dolcetto to Dzelshavi   (3)
E   Erbaluce   (1)
F   Falanghina to Furmint   (11)
G   Gaglioppo to Guillemot   (21)
H   Hondarrabi Beltza to Hondarrabi Zuri   (2)
I   Insolia to Inzolia   (2)
J   Jacquere   (1)
K   Kerner to Kontorni   (2)
L   Lacrima to Loureiro   (11)
M   Macabeo to Muscat of Alexandria   (33)
N   Nebbiolo to Nocera   (10)
O   Ondenc to Ortruga   (2)
P   Parraleta to Prugnolo Gentile   (28)
R   Refosco to Roussanne   (9)
S   Sagrantino to Syrah   (14)
T   Tannat to Trousseau   (13)
U   Ugni Blanc   (1)
V   Veltliner to Voskehat   (13)
Z   Zibibbo to Zinfandel   (2)


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