Definiton of natural wine

Here is a definition of natural wines.

Natural wines are wines where non-invasive farming methods and non-interventionist vinification allows for the best expression of the terroir and the vintage.

Desirable vineyard practice

The objective is to attain a healthy vineyard where the vines develop their resistance to disease. Chemicals are eschewed, every effort is made to ensure that the soil is alive with nutrients and mineral content.
No chemicals may therefore be used except very light doses of copper and sulphur mixture.

Natural solutions should always be sought to natural problems

Biodiversity should be encouraged at every opportunity and habitats for insects, bugs, birdlife and flowers be allowed to thrive.

The vine is part of a polyculture – the land and the countryside must be respected

Dynamic remedies may be used to nurture and bring the vineyard to optimum health such as natural manures, homeopathic remedies and biodynamic treatments

Other vineyard practices that may be encouraged

Travail du sol
Selection massale
Promotion (where possible) of indigenous grape varieties
Low yields
Hand harvest and selection of fruit
Respect for variability of vintages
Seeking maturity and balance

Desirable winery practice

To carry out fermentation with the fewest possible additions or subtractions

Healthy grapes sorted before vinification
Wild yeast ferment
No added enzymes
No additions or subtraction (addition of acids, sugar, dealcoholisation - “reverse osmosis)
No chaptalisation
No or very light filtration
No or very light fining
Minimal sulphur used (total sulphur less 20g/l white wines; less than 10g/l for red wines)

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